Waxing Has Benefits Too!

getting a wax in vancouver

Are you one of those who frustratingly talk to your body hairs with the dialogue: “Dear body hair, if I had you removed for the nth time, please get the hint”? Are you also starting to hate the “Let it go” theme song by Frozen because it kinda sounds like “Let it grow, let it grow”? Are you also one of those who wish to say goodbye to their razors and own that soft, smooth, and cuddly skin? 

Your body hair is waving! It’s time to wax! 

What do you get out of waxing other than smoothness?

1. It’s a Road to flimsy, paper-thin hairs

Waxing is a risk-free way of hair removal. Shaving results in hair growing back thicker and coarser.  Whereas, waxing causes hair to grow back paper-thin and softer.

2. Slackened hair regrowth

With other hair removal treatments like shaving, use of the cream, and tweezers, body hairs are cleared away. The downside is they tend to grow back days or 1 week after. With waxing, regrowth is stunted and slowed because hairs are removed from the roots.

3. Nick and boo boo free skin

Use of razors can trigger skin irritation leading to skin darkening, skin ingrown, and skin bumps. It also makes your skin susceptible to cuts and wounds. With waxing, you need not expose yourself to these risks.

4. Baby smooth skin (as you know it)

Waxing does not only remove hairs but can tenderly exfoliate dead skin cells leaving your skin gentle and flawless like that of a baby.

5. Time-Saving and Lifesaver

The procedure is quick, and it vows to leave your skin smooth and unwrinkled. Flawless skin will help you feel comfortable, boost your confidence, and lightens your mood.

They say taking the road less waxed can be a little hairy. If you prefer yours to be smooth, contact us for questions, or appointments which you can also do online. Check out our services at Elle Boutique Salon.


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getting a wax in vancouver

Waxing Has Benefits Too!

Are you one of those who frustratingly talk to your body hairs with the dialogue: “Dear body hair, if I had you removed for the

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