To Get Nail Extensions…or Not?

Nail extensions Advantages and Disadvantages

Sasha once said: My nails are pretty long, sometimes it looks good. But if you mess with me, my pretty nails will be weapons to win. 

Long, painted nails are a popular beauty craze. Celebrities, fashion icons, ladies of different ages sport it. If you’re curious and still discovering whether to get Nail Extensions here are some pro’s and con’s to guide you with your decision.

Pros of Nail Extensions

Pro's of Nail Extensions

Pretty and Tough

Cosmetically, long, painted nails look classy and glamorous. It gives life and color to your once dull looking nails. This sweet honey is a tough one, for it can be used as a weapon for self-defense. So back off, you guys!

Guardian of Your Nail

Nail extensions are watchful shelters of your nails. It acts as an outer covering and an extra barrier for your nails and the soft tissues of your fingers. Moreover, it provides protection and strength to those vulnerable and frail types of nails.

Sassy Tool

Long, painted nails are not only designed for cosmetic purposes. In fact, it’s a handy tool, with a lot of function. It can remove labels easily. If you play some scratch it, or want to check out the pin for those mobile cards, and don’t have coins with you, your nails can do the work.

Unlimited Nail Art and Manicure Opportunities

Lists of different designs, colors, and styles to try out are endless. You can also have this opportunity even if you have short nails. But imagine the added appeal and glamour, plus the freshness and newness of the look, those long painted nails would bring you.

Cons of Nail Extensions

Con's of Nail Extensions

Not Keyboard Friendly

If you have that type of job where you use keyboards a lot, then long nails will be troublesome. It makes the typing job difficult and uncomfy.

Unforeseen Harm

With long nails, comes an added risk of unconscious and unintentional harm to yourself and the people around you. Risk of scratching someone, causing a slight cut on somebody else’s is to watch out for.

Picking/ Grasping Problems

Sporting long nails requires patience and practice. The struggle in picking or grasping tiny objects is so real. Even buttoning shirts are distressing.

Cooking Challenge

You need some assistance when cooking because cutting vegetables, meat, and fruits will be burdensome. Not to mention, the risk of a tear on those nails is high.

If you are up for a challenge and want that extra length, we offer Builder Gel Nail Extensions. Check out our Nail Spa Services in Yaletown, Vancouver. We, at Elle Boutique Salon, use high-quality builder gels. You can book your appointment with us online.


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