Cinderellas, we hear your plea!

Elle Boutique Salon is opening doors once again starting June 20, 2020. So if you have the need for a haircut, waxing, and other personal care services, our Yaletown Salon and team will be available to serve you! As part of our commitment to caring for our team and our community in Vancouver, we at Elle Boutique Salon are abiding with WorkSafeBC’s Protocol for Personal Services. Let our professionals help bring that beauty and brilliance back into your heart, while we help you and our team stay Covid-19-free.

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Making an Appointment:

1. Since we want to limit the number of people inside the salon, we highly encourage you to book your appointment in advance.

2. Before booking an appointment with Elle Boutique Salon: Contemplate if a salon visit is for you. If you really feel that it would power up your mental health, then we are here for you. Click here to book an appointment.

Before Your Appointment – Not feeling well?

If you have experienced ANY of the Covid like symptoms within 14 days of your appointment, do give us a call to reschedule your appointment. Same goes if anyone living with you has the following symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fever / Chills
  • Body pain
  • Sore throat

3. If in the midst of having already booked an appointment, and experienced symptoms mentioned above. Do not hesitate to keep us informed and updated. We are very much willing to wait and have your spot reserved until your recovery.

During Check-in:

1. No Face Mask Policy is implemented: Wearing a face mask is crucial in preventing the spread of infection, especially when someone talks, coughs, or sneezes. If you don’t have a face mask we will provide one for you.

2. No reservation, no entry policy. It is recommended for booked clients to come alone. Significant others are not allowed inside but can wait outside the establishment.

3. Adherence to Social Distancing: Wearing protective gear like a mask and the practice of keeping a 2-arm’s length distance with other people is also an effective way to prevent the spread of infection.

4. Hand Sanitation: Clients will be asked to disinfect their hands with alcohol or hand sanitizers. An area for hand washing & disinfecting will also be made available.

Salon and Staff Cleaning Protocols:

1. Protective Gears: Our staff are required to wear a disposable mask, face shields, and gloves. Staff is equipped with skills and training on proper sanitation, hand washing, other protective behaviors, and use of PPE. 

2. Sick Employees are mandated to stay home.

3. Treatment rooms and areas are all disinfected before and after each client procedure.

4. Proper cleaning and disinfecting between clients. Equipment used in our operation will be disinfected after each client.

5. Strict handwashing for the staff is implemented. Treatment areas are provided with hand sanitizers, alcohol wipes, etc. for sanitation before and after procedures.

6. Floor, wall stickers, or signage will be made available to assist clients with Physical Distancing protocol.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

If being strict would mean the crème de la crèm experience for our clients and superior safety standards, then we’re glad to implement it. We are thrilled to see your names on our list and serve you. 

For inquiries, contact us. Our salon is located on 1236 Richards St in Yaletown, Vancouver. We do hair, nails, waxing, makeup, and facials.