Classic Eyelashes or Volume Eyelashes?

Classic or Volume Eyelash Extensions

Like the idea of waking up with full, long, beautiful lashes?…Stop dreaming and get your lashes extended! Because Eyelash Extensions are glued onto your natural lashes, they achieve a natural-looking effect unlike strip lashes. First-timers would often be torn in choosing between Classic Eyelash Extensions or Volume Eyelash Extensions. 

Let’s tackle their differences:

Classic EyeLashes: “A classic never goes out of style.”

A timeless method of lifting your natural lashes.

Loyal and sticks to one: One lash extension is added on one of your natural eyelashes (1:1). If you have 60 natural lashes, then 60 extensions will be applied.

Classic Extensions can last an average of 4-5 weeks.

The Result:

  • Subtle, natural, and unrefined lash look.
  • Lashes appear stained with mascara, even if not applied.
  • Adds length and thickness to your natural lashes.

Classic EyeLashes are for you if:

  • You are naturally gifted with a crew of lashes
  • You are born with lashes of thickness and length but craves for a more lavish look
  • You are a curious starter who wants to try lash extensions
  • You’d rather want natural-looking lashes.

Checkout our Eyelash Extension Services

Volume EyeLashes: “In with the new”

The newer lash technique, creating a volumized, full set of lashes.

It’s a “let’s stick together” kind of drama where 2-7 eyelash extensions are added on one of your natural eyelashes. Those multiple lashes are tailor-made into a fan before added on one natural lash. Volume Lashes can last up to 4-5 weeks.

The Result:

  • Sensational-lash look.
  • Lightweight but fuller lashes.
  • A mixture of length, abundance, and flawless curl lash look.

Volume EyeLashes are for you if:

  • You fancy a more voluminous and powerful-looking lashes
  • You are not gifted with a crew of lashes
  • You are born with lashes of least thickness, slim, and sparse
  • You want a tailor-made lash that would fit your style (be it dramatic or natural).
  • You used to wear strip lashes and want spontaneity

Quick Tip:
Before deciding on what extensions to get, make sure that your natural lashes are healthy, and by healthy means that you have enough strong lashes to hold the extensions. If you need advice or have further questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at Elle Boutique Salon or connect with us on our Facebook page.

So what’s it gonna be?

Let our experienced lash techs serve you at Elle Boutique Salon in Yaletown, Vancouver. We’re just a 2-minute walk from Emery Barnes Park. Located between Grace Residences and Choices Markets. Got questions? Call us (604) 428-8650, or book an appointment online. Go here to discover Eyelash services we offer at Elle. 

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