7 Eyelash Aftercare Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

eyelash extensions care tips

Did you know that the longest eyelash recorded in the Guinness World Book of Records measures 4.88 inches long? It belonged to You Jianxia of China. So much for the saying, “Life is short, your eyelashes shouldn’t be.”

That hankering feeling of owning that dark, silky long lashes and making a statement: “My lashes so long I can’t see my haters” isn’t just a fleeting beauty craze. History of eyelash extension dates back farther than most of us know. 

Mastery of aftercare tips is the crux to delicate, dark, and long-lasting lashes. Here are tip-offs to check out and add to your beauty regimen:

1. Thou shall not soak, brush, play tug of war with thy lash extensions within 24 hours of getting it.

Drying of the lash adhesives may depend on what glue is used and can take about 24 hours. Let it dry first before soaking it wet, play on it, yanking it, or even massaging it. 

2. Sauna bath, heat and steam room is a big No, 2-3 days after your lash extension. 

They say lashes are fragile right after getting it done and still not fully set. Yes, you will be able to sweat off those stress, feel refreshed, have glowing skin, and unclog pores but your eyelashes would fall out, so better avoid heat and steams first.

3. Sleeping supine is sooooo fine.

Supine position means that you are lying flat on your back with your face up, the opposite of lying with your face down. This position is recommended to avoid your lashes getting stuck on your beddings and pillow, and prevent lash shedding. Moreover, beauty experts recommend it to prevent wrinkles on your face.

4. Set aside oil-based products (make-up, moisturizers, cleansers, etc.) in your skincare kit.

Oil-based products are best for all skin types. They work to seal hydration and could weaken your lash adhesives. We don’t want to shed and lose those lashes we crave for dearly.

5. Keep those lashes clean

Eyelashes do not only make our eyes look attractive, but it also shields our eyes from dirt and debris. It is vital to clean it carefully and softly to remove those stuck debris and dirt build-ups. Lash shampoos are also available and can be used for cleaning.

6. Love is in the air, have those lashes air dry.

Handle those lashes carefully by letting it air dry after washing. We don’t want those lashes to fall out by roughly rubbing our faces with those towels. Let the air do the work or use soft towels and pat it softly to dry.

7. A mascara and curler may hurt.

Mascara and curlers may make your eyes pop, your lashes appear curly and the blackest of the black, but it can weaken, cause damage and decrease the lifespan of your lash extensions. 

Follow this lash o’clock tips and have a Fabulash week! Still with those short and unnoticeable lashes? Treat yourself at Elle Boutique Salon in Yaletown, Vancouver. We offer Classic Eyelash Extensions from $100. We also offer Hybrid Lash Extensions, Volume, Mega Volume, Striplash, and we have the Striplash Volume like Kim Kardashian’s. Check out our Lash Extensions in Vancouver


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